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Dental Negligence Compensation Claims

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What are Dental Negligence Claims?

Dental negligence claims are a specialist type of medical negligence claim. If you have received incorrect or substandard dental treatment then our specialist dental solicitors at Prolegal can help advise you.

How Can Prolegal Help?

Our specialist team can represent individuals in the following scenarios if a dental injury has been sustained:

  • Misdiagnosis and/or lack of treatment
  • Careless treatment resulting in injury or the need for corrective treatment
  • Errors in the administration of medication resulting in side effects
  • Swallowed instrument

There are other situations involving dental negligence where Prolegal can assist, including:

  • Failure to offer root canal treatment as opposed to extraction
  • Incorrect anaesthesia
  • Nerve damage
  • Inappropriate extraction
  • Failure to diagnose and treat gum disease

In What Circumstances Can I Sue My Dentist?

Dentists are obliged to inform patients of all treatment options available to them and gain their consent. In the event that a patient is not informed of all treatment options available there may be a potential claim for compensation if harm has been done. A common example of this would be where an extraction was made where a filling or root canal could be possible

Patients are not entitled to compensation when dental treatment fails to meet their expectations, what needs to be shown is a substandard level of care that has led to a worse outcome. Our team of experts work closely with the General Dental Council for guidance.

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